Aims and Scope

The interdisciplinary field of Discrete Event Systems (DES) combines different formalisms, methodologies and tools from control, computer science and operations research. The research activity in this field is driven by the needs of many different application domains: manufacturing, process control, supervisory systems, software engineering, transportation, and so on.

The Workshop Series on Discrete Event Systems started in 1992. Since then workshops have been held every two years: in Prague (1992), Antibes (1994), Edinburgh (1996), Cagliari (1998), Ghent (2000), Zaragoza (2002), Reims (2004), Ann Arbor, Michigan (2006) and Göteborg (2008). The 10th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems will be hosted at the Technische Universität Berlin. It aims to provide researchers from different fields (control theoreticians and control engineers, software engineers and computer scientists, operations research specialists) with an opportunity to exchange information and new ideas, and to discuss new developments in the field of DES theory and applications.


The workshop covers all topics in discrete event theory and applications, including (but not limited to) the following:


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Workshop Series on Discrete Event Systems
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NEWS: +++ A post- conference Workshop on Distributed Discrete Event Systems has been announced. +++ The preliminary programme of WODES 2010 is now available. +++ The registration site is still open. Registration deadline: August 23.+++

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